Home Addon

** A efficient script for belonging**
* Home Addon adds a way to feel a home and belonging on your server, it is efficient and works very nicely with no lag. *

             * To use it, set your home by typing /sethome and /home to teleport to it. Admins can log where your teleports are. When you die, the home is removed.*
                                                              *It can be turned on or off with **home_enabled***
                                                                                    * Move it to addons *
                                                                                       ** Download:**

Been playing minecraft huh :wink:

not much anymore, but i remember the idea and i’m inspired by it :smiley:

I don’t see why any server would want this, but hey its free!

This would be nice to have on a minecraft related server. Get the minecraft pack form steamworkshop or something.

Thanks use this on darkrp works nicely. Since most of the hoses on my server are full

No problem! Leave your suggestions on what I should make next

You’re better putting the download on workshop… garrysmod.org is a desolate ghost town now…

I aggre but it’s more professional to upload it there since you can easily use it on a server or as a addon. Now when it’s uploaded on the workshop you have to extract it with a program and it’s a pain in the ass to do.

Or you can use Github… It’s even better.

You realize that you can subscribe your server to addons on the workshop, right?

You should add (like alot minecraft servers) that they can’t warp while in combat. :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend putting it on the workshop also.

Oh come on, don’t rate him dumb.

He’s clearly learning to script, and I like that he’s starting small rather than attempting some elaborate gamemode.