Home Dedicated Server on Windows vs Linux?

I am thinking of hosting a dedicated gmod server but I was wondering if there are any noticeable differences from running it on a windows based computer vs a linux (probs ubuntu). And if linux would be recommended, what distro? Thanks!

Not really. Just that linux will use less system resources by default. So if you’re tight on RAM or CPU, you might want to use linux. Although, if you want it the easier way and want to do less work on the server itself, Windows is the obvious answer.

A lot of Garry’s Mod updates break linux servers, and it might take a while before it’s fixed, because linux isn’t a priority, unlike Windows.

I don’t personally think there are much differences between distros, but I use CentOS 6.3 myself.

Thanks! I switched the tower to Ubuntu, I figured it would be a good opportunity to learn linux anyway.

Linux is awesome, but Ubuntu is broken as hell. Use a different distro. I am using Crunchbang on one of my towers.

I see most dedicated server hosts online recommend CentOS or Debian so I may try that.