Home defense.

Right so, after having my door axed in and getting ganged up by two guys (one of which I put two rounds into their head, and they didn’t go down), I would like to bring up the discussion of defending your home.

Guns can do a lot, but they can only do so much when you’re alone against a group of bandits. What are some other things we could have that could prevent bad people from breaking into our places?

One suggestion would be to find a group of people, and build your houses next to each other. However, this is more of a “home alone” sort of thing. I would like to hear everyone’s suggestions and ideas on what could make your house a little bit safer.

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Seems like door spam is a common thing as defense. But honestly, creating a campground with a team and having multiple bases with rooftops is the best way to go. If anyone unknown comes, you can eliminate them if needed.

multiple doors/walls around the perimeter…

Many, many doors, that way the raiders get bored before reach your stash.


Confusion, build a maze :slight_smile:

If its an entire massive maze, there is a higher chance of it being found. I would love to see mines added to the game, that would be defence

well to build big and well protected houses cost alot of wood, hard for people with no stuff/ new players

4x4 house cost: 240 wood for 4 foundations, 135 wood for 9 pillars: 175 wood for 7 walls, 25 wood for 1 window, 15 wood for 1 door and 320 wood for 4 celling.

total: 910 wood if prices are correct.

that takes a while to farm, and if you then want expand it and add some floors the price will run away very fast and to make it as secure as possible cost alot and takes time.

and at the same time try to avoid getting killed while farming wood, and even have to wait for the wood to spawn.

There you have a reason to group up with other players!

absolutly, but hard if you dont know people since most KoS and communication aint that good atm

and often people claim to be friendly but only to backstabb when you let the guard down or turn your back.

best would be when able to creat guilds/clans or to bring alot of rl friends together, but hard atm since alpha is closed.

Dragon Shouts


post i made about stationary machineguns, bunkers, digging etc

I make my houses just at the edge of the radiation; close enough to ward people away, but just a little before the radiation starts to kill me. They either think I’m dead or soon to be deceased. It hasn’t failed yet.

How about some hot oil you can spill, from upstairs, killing your burglar in tremendous pain of his flesh melting of his bones. that would be neat.

put half house in the radiation, and put boxes there :slight_smile:

when take what you need just walk to other part of house and wait for rad to go away :stuck_out_tongue:

Murder holes and tripwire would be so freakin cool!

People would abuse murder holes placing them everywhere and on spawns I am surprised I haven’t seen anyone covering a spawn in wood

What about coming up with a way to claim territory, so that there are more options for structures but only on your own turf? Then you could build murder holes, bunkers, barbed wire, etc only on your plot. You could still build basic structures elsewhere, but they wouldn’t have the same protections.

This game isn’t a “plots” kind of game. IF you try to place a trap at spawn, the server would ban you. But this game does need traps, because this game is about bandits and raiding.