Home Hosted Server not responding for others

I recently created a Garry’s Mod server and it for DarkRP called AuraGaming and I asked my friend if they could join, he tried an it said Server not responding, I found out he had hamachi so I got it too, I created a private network and he joined it and tried to join the server. Still the same problem. We both powered off Hamachi and tried joining. Still Nope! I look at my port foward:
Start port: 27000, End port: 27015 Internal IP: 192.168.0.-- Start port: 27000, End port: 27015
It looks right so we keep trying and trying. No luck. I try to create a single player hamachi and it works! I try it again later but it dosent. I can’t remember the settings for that single player but somehow it worked. Can anyone help with my server without using hamachi?


Try putting -ip <interntalip> to the server to make you are not automatically hosting the server on hamachi IP.
Next make sure ALL of your FIREWALLS are disabled or let through the port / server.