Home Land Rust

Home Land Rust is a new and fresh server. The current player base is not that big, so we would like to promote it using Facepunch. We offer a relaxed gameplay with little interference by admins, thereby everything gained in this server is legit. This server runs the mod Oxide for better server administration. We really hope to attract the attention of all players, no matter how long you’ve played the game. Our main goal is to maintain friendly, so the server is very enjoyable for everyone.

We like to stay as pure as possible, so instead of having a lot of rules we narrowed it down to these:

  • No Creating
  • Using common sense (No racism in chat, etc.)

Server Spec’s

Servername: Homeland Rust
Server slot’s: 50
Server location: Netherland

Server Mod’s:

Automatic Airdrops

Check us out and take a look around the server. We will be sure you enjoy your stay!

Also join our Steam Group Homeland Rust!

The IP-address is:
If you are new to Rust and don’t know how to connect, you can join by pressing F1 and typing in the following code: net.connect