Home made guns & Factory made guns.

Dont all you guys think that, when you caft your own guns in rust it should look like a very junky crappy gun, and when you find a gun metal crate in town, it should look like a factory made modern gun like the M4, Shoot gun, 9mm, and the p250.

So what i’m trying to say is that, they should make to were, you craft a gun yourself it should look very junky and crappy.
And to make the guns you find in a metal crate, more modern looking, and to look like factory made guns.

Anyways guys tell me what you think.

I hope youre joking since some guns look junky… mostly the ones that you can craft at the start without researching. After you research example M4 you learn how to craft it basicly so you will craft it exactly like the one you researched.

alright, i’ll ship a book on how to make guns and i want you to make me a military issued M4 in your backyard. good luck!

Stay up to date, and things like this wont bother you