Home: Pack for GMod 9

Pack of stuff.
Idon’t make these things.
I only make spawnlist, modinfo and
ECS Menu(Commands what make using *ECS much more easier.)

Pack contains:
GOD Masses (4 different sized weights)
Pistol swep with knife atached
Lego Guy
And some huge stuff (resized sawblade, watermelon, banana, and orange)


Neo Dement
Teh maestro
And me xD

*ECS --> Entity Command Suite --> http://www.joudoki.com/projects_ecs/

download and images here --> http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=74888

People are still to cheap to buy Garry’s Mod?

Can you give us some pictures?
other than that, thanks for the post

Nah, some people just enjoy the old stuff, or maybe they’re like me. I bought GMOD10 and CSS; and then The Orange Box just for it (can’t play any games newer than EP1 :saddowns:,) and GMOD9 runs a shit-ton faster on my incredibly crappy system than GMOD10.

mat_specular 0, mat_bumpmap 0

The answer is:

Buy GMod 10

(User was banned for this post ("Troll" - UberMensch))

Thanks. ;D

I’m going to try using that now as I get about 12 FPS at the most on GM_Construct. (7-_-)7


Tanks for the addons.

You need this pack and that map to play in my server —> http://www.joudoki.com/downloads/gm_jentmap_v3c.zip

Also you need Gmow and PHX 2.2 in my server or you see huge red errors everywhere!

my server name is Home-Korva’s server [FIN]

Dude,some dont even have ram like me.