Homefront - a serious comic.

HOMEFRONT is a serious comic revolving around a group of 4 “terrorists” in a world similar to “Deus Ex” it will follow a serious path riddled with terrorists, criminals, corrupt police, bureaucrats and mismanagment.


vote CLOSED with decision "go back and surrender to the fbi

you have roughly 24 hours to vote before it becomes an auto assumption, also only 25 people can vote, so i can keep it simple.

Surrender to fbi for great justice, criminal scum!

To Mother Russia :ussr:

Drink Bonk cola.

updated op with info about the comic, also guys, if you can get me some custom content that would look good in the comic, send it my way. remember that this a mid future comic, not an hl2 comic.

These guys look good.

and here’s a cfg file that can make your game look better.


Make sure to rename the file to just “Autoexec.cfg” without quotes.


Hey he asked for help and I’m giving him help.

thanks, i will try to use it for part 1

Don’t forget to use that thing I sent you

Just out of curiosity, what program are you editing with?

Paint for all I know.

But Now he’s got something better that he hopefully uses.

im using paint.net ( http://www.getpaint.net/ ) in short, it is sort of a dumbed down photoshop

Retarded Cousin of photoshop.

photoshop takes much more HDD space. P.N takes much much less, and i was only using basic techniques for P.N, P.N is free and with enough addons and skill it can look just like photoshop.

http://th01.deviantart.com/fs30/300W/f/2008/054/0/f/Logon_Screen_Reskin_by_sabrown100.png made in P.N , however as you can see, the creator did not put effort into making it high resolution however

oh and btw, part 1 is going to be worked on now, they are going back and surrendering to the fbi by order of vote.

It still beats MS Paint. :frogdowns:

Uh, excuse me what the fuck.You can’t do Photoshop-like things with paint.net.

actually you can, most likely you are assuming P.N is crappy because the word “paint” is in it, so have your well deserved dumb.

plus you haven’t seen the more profession editing i have done with part 1 yet…

i actually laughed.