Homefront American Resistance

I remember seeing these guys in poses and different pictures. I don’t recall them ever being released. Whatever happened to them? If nobody has them, would anybody be willing to possibly re-do them? I think they’d add some variety to the Resistance/Rebel type models that are available right now.

well tlsa said that the model is low poly and has lo res texture,if i’m not wrong.also he lost all.of his homefront models.but yeah,it would be nice if someone willing to re-do them.

Some people did have them, but as far as I know everyone that had them has lost them (myself included). Besides they weren’t that great texture quality wise and there were only a few of them.

I’m planning on grabbing a ton if not all of them from the game once I get home in May to get them into Gmod over the summer.

Found this.
Don’t know how much this helps (if at all) but here:

Yeah, BravoSix made these, someone just needs to hex the models and add flexes to the faces and some fingerposing, but I also want the generic Resistance members too, BravoSix retired from CSS modding so he won’t be making them.

I’ll see about getting those 4 models fixed up as well as the Resistance Members.

good rigged but bad weight

Small update. So I’m home now and I’ve started exporting the resistance along with civilians, corpses and maybe some props (there is a lot). I’ll release the files along with a some other stuff from a few other games this or next week. From there hopefully someone will take on the task of porting them into Gmod.

Please do, some of the props are fucking amazing.

Yea some are quite nice. I’ve gotten some of the vehicles and I’d like to get some props for scene building if I can.

Also textures for resistance are really bad, but for vehicles the textures are for the most part quite good. Don’t understand why they didn’t make it the same quality.

static mesh can`t extract , same with frontlines fuel of war

Thank you fort, you’re doing an awesome job.

Can anybody tell me which tool can be used to extract the models from the game, i need car wrecks and houses mainly??/