Homefront, Frontlines Fuel of War and Gears of War 1 Model Files

**These are the **models files extracted from the games are none of these are in Gmod

This release contained a large number of props and character models from each of the games listed. I couldn’t get everything because of my computer acting up but I’ll update this thread when I can get more. But if there is other folks that have these games and manage to get some of the things I didn’t get, feel free to post it here if you wish.

I’m leaving on the 26th for 14 months so I felt putting this out there now would give folks enough time to look into it and let me know if anything is missing.
If there is anything missing, feel free to post what is missing and I’ll get on getting it.

Models are in psk format with textures


Frontlines Fuel Of War

^ I also have included a download of Coalition troops that have been worked on by Skaarj636 which he wishes to pass onto someone else to finish and require headhacks, bodygrouped headgear and new rigging, if you take up and finish them make sure to give Skaarj636 credit. Also note that Korro Bravin and Skaarj636 have ported some of the coalition vehicles over (not yet released).

Gears of War

More of the models will be updated to the thread as I get them.

Yesh! :downs:

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Might wanna check some of the downloads. I downloaded the FFOW guys and I got a corrupted archive.

Worked fine when I redownloaded, you might wanna try it again.

GoW is stilll uploading, it’s quite the file.

Trying to,damn filesmelt is taking eons to load.

God yes, now all we need is for somebody to rig those resistance.


Wow I’m an idiot. I thought these were finished,as in ready to go into Gmod. :L

Not quite :v: Hopefully someone will pick up the project.

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The GoW upload is being stubborn, I’ll re-upload either tomorrow or Saturday, sorry for the inconvenience.

Someone got to get these babies into Gmod…

Nice work Fort!

Does the Homefront pack includes all the ruined vehicles props?

I haven’t been able to export many of the Homefront vehicles unfortunately, so probably not. But I’m working on getting them.

What about the blue NK special forces?

Sorry it took so long to reply but some thing I just can’t export for some reason, my computer just has issues.

I’m reuploading GoW (again) and I will also be adding Turok 2008 models to this as well.

Will you update the Frontlines model links? Maybe even add the weapons too?

This thread has been dead for over 4 years mate. Do not bump such old threads.