Homefront model testing



korean and us military

I don’t see any Koreans. All I see are US Marines and Survivalists.

i like what i see, looking forward for future versions and release.

someone said that.

How did you port them?

Really lazy and overly-strong shading.

Someone should replace the HL2 rebels with Homefront survivalists.

holy shit, these are awesome models! fucking awesome models!

homefront koreans?
more like homefront americans with korean bodies

these are sexy i like what you did here

Looks great

Oh, look, MORE soldier models.

Welp, throw 'em on the pile with the rest of 'em!

Awesome man.

Oh look, another down syndr-
Nobody’s forcing you to download them.

Why can’t i see the picture! D: This saddens me!

Edit: Never mind I can see the picture now :smiley:

Those aren’t the survivalists. The Survivalists wear bandanas and are much more Redneck looking. Those are the regular Resistance members.

no, but i’d much rather see something useful done.

we STILL lack proper vietnam-era us troops, any kind of postwar british troops excluding the kf models (which aren’t the most accurate and have issues of their own), and proper post-vietnam through to iraq us troops or soviet or russian troops.

thankfully, simkas knows what the fuck is up and is working on most of the aforementioned, because he would rather make something useful than port the latest batch of samey, totally inaccurate US MAHREENS from the latest sub-par “”"""“aaa”""""" title (yes all those quotation marks are necessary).

Not sure why I got rated dumb.

The shading sucks.

Let me elaborate because apparently tlsaudrl2548 didn’t listen to me the first 5000 times I have posted this comment on his pictures so he still feels the need to rate me dumb:

Your shading is too dark. It’s too big. It’s too inconsistent. It’s too vague. It’s too lazy.

Look under the right arm of the dude in the desert gear with the M249 as an example. It’s pretty much pitch black under there. Why? There’s only like 3 shadows in the whole picture that are that dark. Why those 3? I didn’t realise that backpacks, helmets and certain arms are capable of casting far darker shadows than everything else in the world, even though the whole picture uses the same single lightsource (although you could have fooled me, looking at the completely fucked up shadow on the other guy’s right arm).

And what the fuck is it with people and shading under helmets? Cool yeah Uberslug used to shade under helmets in like 2007 and people thought he was the fucking boss. But it’s not 2007 anymore. If you’re going to shade under helmets, don’t make it 100% black like there’s some sort of dark matter there sucking in all the light or at least make it consistent with the rest of the picture.

Because, if a picture has soldier standing around in it, it’s automatically perfect, RIIIGGGHHHTTTT??? :downs:


I can’t work out if your having a go at me for striving for perfection, having a go at me for striving for perfection in a picture that for some reason is intrinsically imperfect because it has a soldier in it, or having a go at the picture for being intrinsically imperfect because it has a soldier in it.

You should probably take more time to properly formulate your argument(s) to save time and make sure you actually get your point across.

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Oh wait. After trawling through your other posts I think I have deduced that you are implying that people think this picture is perfect because it has a solder in it.