Homefront Models WIP/Porting Thread

I started porting homefront models
and I thought I could show my progress using a thread
or yours. whatever

so wee are not teasing you. actually I’m going to release some models here


US Soldiers





Link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20152009/Homefront+-+US.zip

Korean (working on it.... fixing the eye.. need help...?)



Link: Soon










Link: Soon

KPA Police


Link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20159388/Homefront+-+KPACOP.zip

Main Characters: Connor




Link: Soon

Rihanna (WIP)

you are probably not gonna like those resistances. cause they have low-res skins
not my fault though.
and North korean sniper has no eye(wtf) I have no idea to fix it

So far, so good. Are you going to do the main characters as well?

yes. gonna make flex for them

What about military vehicles?

It would be nice to see more resistance fighters, Gmod is spammed to fuck with tacticool US marines.

For god sakes remove the rim light from the models.

Nice port, i was thinking of porting the vehicles from this, but a lot of them seem fucked up, tanks are missing armor parts and jeeps seem to have all the different variations in one single mesh.

Is it just me that think Korean soldiers look fucking retarded?

Would be nice if you concentrated on the non-soldier models to be honest. Rebels, civilians and the like. I think there were some children as well.

For the record I spy some smoothing errors here and there - resistance guy back foot being a notable example.

the US guys look pretty cool I’d defiantly like to play around with those, but the koreans look stupid as hell,

I agree with what wraithcat said though, we need more civilians that aren’t re skinned half-life citizens, that or some new vehicles, military or civilian, we could always use more.

I love this,thanks for porting these!

You know what would be interesting? If you make Homefront’s rebels be HL2’s rebels. That would be AWESOME.

They look similar to the HL2 rebels. But yeah, it’d be cool.

I just got a raging boner just by looking at the resistance fighters, keep it up dude, I would love to see these released.

US Soldiers are released.

Link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20152009/Homefront+-+US.zip

for the North Korean Snipers,I had an idea why you dont just put Mw2/Cod4 Eye Mesh To replace the lost eye mesh?

cuz i am lazy man…?

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I would just like to point out that the Korean guys you keep calling North Koreans are actually called the Greater Korean Republic in game.
So calling them North Koreans would be inaccurate.

please PM me the link to the Nk police pllz

Those police are badass…cant wait till they are released.

While I’m not one to usually ask for this, I for one would like Resistance members rigged to the Valve skeleton, perhaps eventually headhacked, to be used as replacements for the Half-Life 2 Rebels.

Either way, I’d say go with civilians and the guerrillas, there’s a lot of good potential being overlooked for still cool-looking but not really astounding models of heavily armored soldiers, which, since we already have a bunch, should be allowed to take a back seat to models that we don’t have.

In its defense, though, even if you didn’t use the resistance models as rebels, they still look like pretty decent stand-ins for low-level Private Military Contractors. Inb4 Blackwater reskins.