Homefront Resistance models

Tsaudrl was doing these, but then stopped working on them because they are apparently of low quality.

If anyone else knows how to port from Homefront, would they kindly try to take these? I was looking forward to these and all I got were more armored soldier ragdolls :\

I don’t really care that they’re low-res, they don’t look that low-res to me, and besides, my computer isn’t a super-mega-monster.

Also, I don’t even really care if they’re actually finished models or just source files, as I want to do headhacks with them and it might be kind of pointless to have the final models, only to have to decompile them all over again.

Incidentally, are there any generic female Resistance fighters?

Bumping, only because I know that there’s people that have these models and I think everyone goes to the Adam Jensen request thread rather than look at other threads.

Bumping again. Come on, guys.

Could I at least talk to someone who has Homefront, and UModel Exporter, which is what Tlsaudrl used?

Bumping yet again, just in case anyone’s interested.

Bumping for honour

Please do this

Really, it doesn’t even have to be Tlsaudrl himself, it just needs to be someone who has the tools and Homefront, although it would be nice if he would pick these up again.

Supporting, bumping, etc. because it will be very useful.

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I’m afraid that he haven’t interested in that game and models.

The only reason he didn’t release is because he told me over PM, that he deleted the source files because they were “Low-quality.” And yet all of the tacticool models except for the KPA got released, which, while totally nice, we already have 2000 of and virtually zero of any decent guerrilla-themed models. So yes, he was interested, at least for a time.

I digress, though. There has to be someone who already has ported from Homefront and can do this.

Anyone? I’ll sell my case of Wonka Bars to whoever does it. :V

I’ve got the last case of Wonka Bars in the United States…