Homefront Sentry Tower. "Hopper, not now!"


[tab]Description:[/tab] Sentry tower from the game Homefront.


-Ragdolled arm, supports, and gun.
-20mm autocannon.
-Kayoo-band radar.



[tab]Things to note:[/tab]

-Pistons are borked, I don’t know how to fix that.
-Propane tank is cross between exploded and intact model.

-Kaos Studio: The awesome model. (And half-assed game)
-Srgt. Shotup: QC and phymodel.
-Me: Porting.





Yeah, that game was shitty.

Game shit, prop good.

I’ve been waiting for someone to port this. Well done!

Cant wait for more,Good Job

They look…shiney

wow,Cool.There’s any chance on getting the other vehicles?Homefront Got SHITELOADS of Drones and Vehicles.

It looks kinda silly.

I’ve been working on porting the two air drones with ragdolled props, ground vehicles are giving me some trouble. May have to make them static props.

why is it so huege

Koreans like everything huege

For what it’s worth, it’s really impractical, but then again, this is probably because no one’s invented a sentry turret with enough a small enough power source that can still get it to work.

Still reminds me of that thing in Back to the Future 3 that takes up half of the shed, but just cranks out a couple of ice cubes.