Homefront sound ports?

I don’t know where else to put this. I’m working on a Homefront SWEP pack (as in most if not all weapons on original animations). I can get the models and textures ported in 10 minutes each but I can’t port the sound. Sorry if this is somewhat offtopic I’m just getting requests to finish it and I’d really like to make these SWEPs so I figured I’d ask if anyone’s got the sounds or at least knows how to get them. Again sorry if this is in the wrong section but this is technically mods/addons.
If anyone is willing/able I need sounds for
the m4 rifle
the m16 rifle
the m200 sniper
the m249 LMG
the xm10 rifle
I’ll give you credit for porting and all that.

le bump.

Try searching it up on Google. I’ve seen other SWEPs with Homefront gunfire sounds.

Of the weapons on this list the only one that has already been made into a SWEP is the m4 and unfortunately it uses the wrong sounds.