Homefront - uh just generic picture



Cool man!

stop teasing me with the models D:

jk, nice work. :slight_smile:

Just as I thought, you’d first port the generic boring looking US soldiers, not the resistance fighters.

His arm is… yeah.

Oh wait, I saw the other thread, you started the resistance too.

Well that’s easily understandable, generic boring good looking US soldiers will always be more handy than resistance fighters (even tho I’m more looking forward to them).

It’s not bad, but it’s more of the same. Except this time it has fancy text.

I first ported resistances
only a hour before I found US soldiers… lol

I like the lighting.

But honestly, isn’t there already enough soldiers as it is on gmod?

We are not happy enough

FP is to Soldiers what Edward is to Twitards. Seriously.

The dude on the right looks fucked up but I can’t tell if it’s the anatomy of the models, the armour of the posing. It looks like someone has poked something up his ass so his shoulders are all tensing up like “welp! I think someone just poked something up my ass.”

It’s good, the only thing i don’t like is the guy on the right looks kind of fat or stretched out horizontally

i want these models