Homemade weapons

I strongly thing that rust should focus more on the survival outdoors homemade type gameplay all the military aspect just stuff it up i loved how they added the bolt action and revolver those two guns made the gun so much better i think they should add more animals and hunting guns i have a few good ideas on homemade guns

  1. a hand crank gatling gun much like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuS3G7YKrj4
  2. a wooden club/mace which then could be upgraded with nails
  3. a double barrel shot gun
  4. a nail gun that fires semi automatically
  5. brass knuckle-dusters
  6. a crossbow that does a-little more damage than the bow
  7. a grande launcher that fires the f-1 grande
  8. an old tommy gun

and yeah i really hope u like the idea i think should be implemented :smiley:

military weapons are either being removed or becoming really hard to get. placeholders right now

one idea id love to see as a trap would be taking a tube and filling it with say 3 or 4 handgrenades with pins removed. There would be some kind of stop on the end of the tube connected to a trip wire. This tube could be mounted through a ceiling or mounted up high some where. When the trip wire gets hit the trap opens and 3-4 live hand grenades fall to the ground. I believe they would do this in vietnam with spent bazooka tubes. We really need traps in this game bad