Homestuck Models

-the horrorshow that started it all-

You’re missing a lot of the trolls there.

I have always wanted to make homestuck models to be honest, but I only know how to texture, not model. I guess if anyone wanted to hack these together I could skin them to look right


If anything, you can probably get someone to hack together the Madness characters, then skin them and hack on whatever props onto them. Judging from the image, the bodies seem somewhat the same


I’m sure using the citizens with some model hacking and some hair models probably we could do this easy.

I might know some people who can help, or maybe someone else will step to try.

Are you looking for full on characters like the citizens or are you looking for recreations of the sprites?


That can happen with every model though. You can’t really prevent it.

Besides, you want sprites instead of actual character models so i doubt anyone could do much.

Jason probably can do the sprite models, I wanna make full on character models though. Cuz then you could use them in cool srs poses.

If one were so inclined they would have already made it



Wait, I misread you, whoops.

Well, someone can hack together a sprite easily probably since it’d just require simple shapes mostly.


Someone’s jumping the gun here, you just posted this today. Requests take awhile to get to, plus sometimes might not even get done. It takes time to see. Plus it takes awhile to learn how to model properly, would you rather wait for maybe a day or two to have someone help or would you rather do a shitty model?



Are they meant to have hands?

When the sprite is just standing the arms arent drawn

What do the arms look like when they make an appearance?

sorta like this