Homestuck Playset (player models, entities, weapons, etc!)

The Homestuck Playset is a project that was initiated some time last year when someone in the modeling forum requested models of characters and props from the webcomic Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. I love making models of characters and the ones from Homestuck seemed like they’d be especially fun, so I chose to honour the request and it turned into something much larger. I became so enthused that I learned how to use lua and ended up making a whole bunch of player models, entities, weapons and gameplay elements that me and the project’s followers have been selfishly enjoying by ourselves for almost an entire year! It’s time to get things moving again and get the add-on into the hands of the people who will enjoy it the most; the people who love Homestuck!

Download for Gmod 12 (last updated 22/8/12)

Download from Steam Workshop for Gmod 13 (You must have Gmod 13 and be logged into steam for this…)

Player Models:
All of the characters have custom animations that I made from scratch and are capable of doing all the fun stuff that the regular player models do (swimming, sitting, lying in pods, etc.) Playable characters include the 4 original kids, the alpha kids, 12 original trolls, 2 pre-scratch trolls (Meenah & Aranea) and the 4 members of the midnight crew!

Weapons and Clothes:
There’s at least one weapon for every character that has one in the comic and loads of different outfits and accessories that everyone can wear.

Special Features
Along the course of this project’s ongoing design, a few different gameplay features were introduced to make the player models more fun to use in the context of co-operative play and roleplaying. There are all kinds of things like these, but the ones shown below are, in my opinion, the most interesting and the most fun.

Revival with a kiss: When a player is incapacitated, they have the choice to wait for a friend to come and revive them or to respawn normally. Injured players are easy to find, because glowing heart glyphs appear above their bodies that can be seen through walls, much like the briefcase in Team Fortress. This proved to be a lot of fun in co-operative play, because it gives players more of a chance to work together to get through levels without having to restart. I think you’ll really like it.

Hugs: Hugs make everything better. This is an irrevocable fact that has proven undeniable. They basically work just like the high-fives in Team Fortress, whereby one player holds their arms out and the other presses USE on them to complete the hug. It’s fun!

Features in Summary:

• Every Kid/Troll is included, both as a playermodel and a ragdoll

• Pre-made quirk system: No need to do the quirks manually

• Game mechanic props/ragdolls included: Grist, Vitality Gel, the Alchemiter, the Cruxtruder and the Imp.

• Fully posable Alchemiter arm

• Weapons in the form of both props and SWEPs

• Character-Exclusive weapons

• Clothes in the form of bone merges and bodygroups

• Bot system: Bots spawned through the console will automatically become a random Kid/Troll

• Kiss revival system: Dead players may be revived by pressing E when next to them


Download the Gmod 12 version here: (last updated 22/8/12)

Download the Gmod 13 version from the Steam Workshop here:

Knock, knock.[/t]

Bonus height chart:


Each character is circa 38 Hammer Units tall, standard VALVe Biped characters being exactly 72 Hammer Units tall.

and i helped i guess

Looks pretty good, I guess! Looking forward to it!


Altrough i dont know what homestuck is insert culture here but it looks extremely fun!

wow, this is really great! Can’t wait to play it. Also, I would like you to make the god tiers. Since you said you would if someone wanted you to.


Irrelevant question. What map is that Kanaya chainsaw screenshot taken in? Also, could you talk about that enemy a little? Seems like there’s no other mention of it.

That’s a HL2 map.
And that enemy is a Combine Soldier.

i think he means the one before that, in which case the enemy is a generic imp

I was wondering WHICH HL2 map. And yeah, I meant the imp.

Nice job. Looks like LBP xD

Any word on a release date for the mod? I’d love to host a server.

Here ya go

OMFG I cannot wait for this. So it’s actually becoming part of the game? Yes this is the best thing.

Oh yes, this looks very, very good!

it’s…perfect O_O

The map is called d2_coast_07. The imp is basically just a zombie replacement at this point :L

It should be ready very soon, for the summer.

Yes, all of the characters are playable and it gives you a whole new way to enjoy the game =D

Have some random screenshots:

I just found out what Homestuck was. Saw a lot of it during Anime North…

Looks good now if only I knew what Homestuck is.

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