Homestuck ragdolls?

I was reading a thread back where someone was making ragdolls of the Beta Kids and the Trolls, and I was wondering how that was going.

If not, would anyone like to make them?

The only model I know of is the Vriska model that replaces the TF2 spy. I would hex it, if you want me to. Link:

I support. Homestuck’s invaded everything else, I don’t see why GMod should be any different.

Heck, the Cave Story ragdoll only took three hours. I could see someone hammering out the four kids in a day or so, since they all share the same base. Or am I oversimplifying it?

No, I can see them being super easy to do.

And Joe, no it’s k. That Vriska looks kinda horrible. :<

you ought to pm the user Sgt. Lulz, his friend or whatever was the one making those.