Homeworld Deserts of Kharak Request/Commission. Details Inside.

Hello there, I am Requesting/commissioning someone to port from Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

-I’m primarily interested in a few vehicles:
-The coalition baserunner, cut variant if possible.
-The coalition support cruiser
-Coalition Carrier

Specific Instructions:
-Ragdolled (moveable turrets, wheels, suspension, rear cargo door on baserunner.)
-Have 3 sizes (full, half, table model)
-Different skins if available
-The baserunner has a interior bay, would be nice if it can be accessible

-2 options, paypal or steam game. I pay per model, baseline price starting is 50 USD, can be debated.
-If PayPal, send me email. I pay half upfront, the rest when job is done.
-If steam game, send list of game(s) you want equaling the value of the commission.

Additional Notes:
-I will allow people to work in teams if they wish, but the money will be split among everyone equally(depends). Same applies to steam game.
-There is no time limit, take as long as you need to.
-Each model is a seperate commission unless someone wants to do them all.

Pictures of what they are:

If you manage to read all of that and are up for it, PM me. If you still read all of it and didn’t pm me, congrats.

Keep in mind that ripping from Unity can be hella tricky.