Honest admins. PVP Server. No Griefing. C4 Limitations. Doorshare. [SEATTLE]


Come join our server. We are a seattle based pvp server that runs Oxide. C4 is not craftable as to keep the playing field
somewhat level I mean lets be if the world ended the stuff wouldn’t be plentiful so why let it be.** No Griefing, No cheating,
Doorshare is enabled, crafting is currently at 80%** (this may change). Oh and most of all HONEST NON CHEATING ADMINS.

The only time admins will get supplies with commands is when creating buildings or areas that are for pvp purposes
currently there is one of them but hopefully we will be spending time making towns and maybe indoor arenas in areas that aren’t
commonly used or that take a while to get to.
(not a promise on this, though i’m sure if it was requested the time would be spent).