HoneyBadger9298 Hacking?

It was not a server lagg because i just collected some rocks.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))

I didn’t hear any footsteps of him running up with a speed hack or anything, to my knowledge damage done by weapons is server sided so I’m going to assume it’s not a crazy insta-million-damage hack. Probably just a sound glitch with the firing, things like it happens occasionally nothing you can really do. But still, I’m not saying he’s not hacking.

EDIT: Also it sucks you’re scared to meet me, I love your voice and I think we’d get along. :3

Honeybadger has been mentioned in chat occasionally for hacks so your probably right

Get off the fucking forums you’re a dumbass who runs around hatcheting using cheat engine

Im scared to meet you because you speedhack i have footage of that to that i can publish bro.

he one shot me with a pistol two days ago

I think you need to go through my recent threads as I’m not a speed hacker >.>

“I think you need to go through my recent threads as I’m not a speed hacker >.>”
Maybe Skype or something?

Yeah thanks to Laziestnoob and his friend who told how to do this step by step, now a few guys have started doing it.

Oh, and btw Sleepy

http://www.twitch.tv/quecastt/c/2609936 Here ya go sleepy minor proof of u speedhacking.

I and a lot of other people are aware of a speedhacker under my alias “Sleepy” but it’s not me and I have threads open about it.

Ok, sleepy, it doesn’t matter if you hacked or someone else hacked, all that matters is someone hacked on YOUR account so either way that account will banned because its been proved that its been hacked on whether it was you or not. That’s the sad truth.

Change your fuckin password omg it’s not hard. it’s quite clear it’s you playing