Hong Kong Triads [GMOD/SFM]

NOTICE: With the release of Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition these models are now deprecated. The links will remain up, but they will no longer be supported or updated.

After nearly two years of pain, frustration, cajoling and general idiocy on my part, I finally got the thugs from Sleeping Dogs into Source.
They are all on the Valve skeleton, and are both spawnable ragdolls and playermodels. They all have very basic flexes, as well as face bones. Many of them have multiple skins, as well as paintable shirts.

However, they are most certainly not perfect. The rigging on the arms is a bit iffy, but it’s the best I could do. The textures are low-res to the point of nasty, but that’s the developers fault. I extracted them directly from the game files, and even with the HD pack they’re the highest quality available.




Jade Gang



Sun On Yee







Note: the lineups were taken in HLMV, everything else is from the original game just to give you an idea of what they look like.

All downloads are here. REL is the release pack, which contains the models/materials/lua. SRC is the source files, which you can use to edit or recompile them to your liking.

they look decent in your screenshots so nice job.

znalecc was the one who took those shots, not me. I can’t pose for shit.

But in any case, this is just the first two, I have several more planned: Sun On Yee, Water Street Gang, Cultist, and Zodiac. I’m also thinking about throwing the HKPD in there as well.

This is awesome, good work on getting these done!

It’s nice to have more somewhat normal looking people to mess with. I was getting tired of using the same civilian/casual looking models for use in backgrounds.

I was planning on making a pack of just normal civilians, but I doubt it’s going to happen any time soon, there’s over a hundred of them.

Besides, these dudes are lot more interesting, at least in my opinion.

Sweet. Will these be available on the workshop, by any chance?

Of course, but most likely when I finish the rest.

Jesus Christ these fucking captchas on Mediafire are pissing me off. WHAT DO THEY WANT ME TO TYPE

Want me to rehost it?

…problem is, I can’t really think of any other decent file hosting sites.

Mega’s not too bad. It can be a bit slow at times, but it works. You could also try Dropbox, but they tend to restrict access to files if there’s too much traffic on that particular download.

Which one of those files are we supposed to download?

Kudos man this is great stuff.

What is the diffrence between the 18k and the DBS?

I think the DBS are the racing gang. The dudes with green hoodies. It’s been a while since I did the last playthrough.

Pretty sure DBS is the racing gang. The 18K are involved in human trafficking and darker crimes. Jade Gang usually are the drug runners that hang out around the security cameras, and also Dogeyes’ gangsters, so they’re the guys most people run into and have to beat up.

Water Street Gang isn’t here but usually they’re recolored guys from other gangs and tracksuit bros with mohawks.

Source: I spent too much time playing this game.

DBS is the game’s internal name for the Jade Gang, like SOY, WSG, CULT, etc. I just use those to avoid long filenames.

I am now glad that more Asians will be used in sex poses.

Great work! Hopefully we see some women in the future? :quagmire:

As a matter of fact I was actually planning to port some women after I get the Sun On Yee out the door in just a little bit.

It’s not going to be a full-on release, I’ll just post a link to them like I did with the Bouncer.