Hooded Arctic

When I browsed FPSBanana, I found a SAS, with it’s hood up and helmetless.
More, it goes well with custom skins.
I was wondering if someone could make the Arctic with hood up since the Arctic is also wearing a hooded jacket.
And also, I think it’s more to a model hack or something like that.
Plus, make sure it goes well with custom skins.
And I might use it as my playermodel.
Any help would be grateful.


I would like this too.

It won’t fit with black balaclava

It doesn’t matter.
At least it looks cool.

What I was saying is change the black texture head to white

Start with default textures first.
Then, you can do anything you want with the textures.

Can’t let this one die.

I’ll see if I can do this.

Good luck then.

How was the progress?

There are a few skins that are very close to artic camo.

Not Arctic camo, but model of an Arctic, hooded.