Hook for Added Animation .mdl's to a Player

What I’m looking for is a hook that adds an animation .mdl file to another model, such as a player.

The reason I’m looking is because I want to add the Combine Soldier Turret animations to an Entity I’m working on.

The other reason is so I can add the DoD:S player animation file to GMod so I can make a prone mod, as that is the only game that has such a thing (haven’t tried the animation for Empires mod yet).

Does anyone know of a hook like this? I know it’s possible because a while ago Zoey made a video where a player could go prone.

Thanks in advance.

If you have a model that has the same bones as the Combine Turret, you can use bonemerging to achieve that.

For the prone animations, you’ll probably have to animate em yourself:

I’d prefer not to have to do that but it seems like the best way since it’s simple for me to do that.