Hook for harpoon

Are there any hooks that can give the person another weapon after they’ve lost it?

For example:
-Someone uses a knife and kills someone, the hook gives them another knife right away
-Someone throws a harpoon, the hook gives them another harpoon again

Pretty sure its an easy thing to do, but it’d help if you said what gamemode its for.

Probably looking for this hook for the last example :

For the first example, you mean like a throwing knife or something like that ? With ammo ?

You could use something as simple as :

And check if the player is going to die from the next attack ( with a ray trace )
If it has more complicated physics related stuff like spawn a entity that kills on hit then you should include the giving back ammo in the entity onHit function.

The gamemode is TTT
The reason for this is because I have special rounds where I want people to have special things like harpoons with unlimited ammo. There is no ammunition for harpoons and other weapons like those, so idk.

[lua]function checkknife(vic, it, att)
if specialround && it:GetPrintname == “Knife” then
hook.Add(“PlayerDeath”, “SpecialKnife”, checkknife)[/lua]
pseudocode, dunno if it works

m8 a bunch of people answered you here http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=842287