Hook 'glon' Failed: :10: attempt to call method 'GetNormal' (a nil value)

The title Says it all

Hook ‘glon’ Failed: :10: attempt to call method ‘GetNormal’ (a nil value)

What does it mean please HELP

The GLon addon is failboating.

what do u mean failboating, i got this too, every time i press a button to move or any button on my keyboard while in game, massive lasers come out and fill my screen, this happened after i joined a game that made me download this

i got rid of that Glon addon should i redownload it or what kuz its fucking with my props

where did u remove it? addons folder? cuz i cant see glon in my addons

i had one in my addons folder but when i got rid of it its still fucking up ima search the files and get back to you hang on for like 5 min


ok well i Searched my Whole G mod and Steam Folder and Nothing involving G lon or Glon were found idk man

i looked too, nothing, thats a bust D: