Hook 'glon221.84703063965' Failed: :17: attempt to index global 'PostThisOnFacepunch'

Ay, I get this gay message

Hook ‘glon221.84703063965’ Failed: :17: attempt to index global ‘PostThisOnFacepunch’ (a nil value)

Everytime i press any button, or click and it transforms every prop i have into like some 2d shape with wierd colors and it floats and shoot a bunch of laser beems, im pretty sure i DL’ed it from some RP server yesterday, but ya, i need halps pls

I made a short video showing my problem, link is below

hay im getting somthing realy close to that i get

Hook ‘glon’ Failed: :10: attempt to call method ‘GetNormal’ (a nil value)

what is going on with G mod please help guys my props are going crazy

ya man i saw ur threads, hopefully sum 1 will halp


some one is doin this on purpose cuz the error wouldnt say (post this on facepunch) right?