hook to add a function to default weapons

I’m working on a project for physical bullets, but when it only works on sweps. How would i get it to work with the default weapons?

The default half-life 2 weapons are part of the engine and are coded in c++, you can’t add or change any of the functionality.

i got an idea! why not strip a player when he spawns, then give him some weapons exactly like the default ones that you will have made and that will have physical bullets!

tip: think arround the problem!

Possible, but hard, and not needed.

To prove you wrong I will code it myself!

I didn’t say it wasn’t possible i just said it would be hard.

No need to recreate every weapon, this is exactly what the swep bases project was created for.
Use the SVN link, they’re the exact replica of the HL2 weapons, ready to have your code slapped on top of them.