Hook VCMOD automatic repair, EntityTakeDamage ?

I want to create a timer when vehicle have 0 HP, but I dont know if the hook “EntityTakeDamage” work for VCMOD ?
You think that work ? (I can’t test now sorry) :

hook.Add("EntityTakeDamage", "VehicleHPHook", function( ent, dmginfo ) 
	if IsValid(ent) and ent.VC_Health == 0 then
		if VC_RepairHealth then VC_RepairHealth(ent) end
		if VC and VC.RepairHealth then VC.RepairHealth(ent) end


Feel free to use this hook or any of his other functions here:

His example:

hook.Add("VC_HealthChanged", "CustomHookName", function(ent, ohealth, nhealth)
	print("This vehicles health has changed from: "..ohealth.." to "..nhealth..".")

Where oHealth is the health before being damaged, and nHealth being the new health after being damaged.