Hookers and Blow...

Hey Guys, Tricky here.

So, some good news and some bad news.

First with the bad news.

All the hookers and blow in the world cannot make up the enjoyment of running a public community. It is just not the same rush, and less itchy genitals. Frothy green discharge and severe cocaine habits are just a withdrawal from community, right?

My segways are bad, so here is the good news.

Incompatible has asked if I was interested in a re-start of my favorite non-porn website. I told him I required an hourly wage and stock interests. After some clever negotiating, I accepted Community Lead, which means I have all the responsibilities but none of the monetary perks.

But in all seriousness, TrickysTutorials is back in action. BMCha has given us the use of TrickysTutorials.net for the time between now and me removing the dot com from a giant domain whore. Also letting us host the popular Stranded server.

I invite all of you to come and join us with the early testing of our new site and forums. Big changes to happen in the next few weeks, but please, come join the festivities and nostalgia.

If not, die in a fire.

Love and kisses,



Well put. I hope you have more interesting commentary.

I do.
What is this thread about?
I got genitals and frothy green goo or something.

I am sorry if you are confused. I will try to make it a little more clear with this post.

Misleading title. Came here with the most confused expression and felt like i was reading a poorly written slapstick.

Misleading? Not at all, just an inside joke. I apologize that you didn’t understand and will work hard to make it more clear to you and the other fellow.

GModders that have been around a long time will understand it.

Thank you us gmodders past 07 feel good knowing that we will never get it and no one is telling us.

Back in the day, when wire was new and advanced dupe was not advanced at all, I made poorly written tutorials.

The community that formed was fun times for gaming and learning.

Since then I have spent my time perusing other endeavours. I was asked to start it up again by an old friend. I couldn’t say no.

If you where a part of it way back when, you would of understood the insane ramblings I am spouting.