Hooks in Pointshop?

I’ve been trying to find the file in the Pointshop configs that have all the functions of the properties and hooks, like ITEM.Name, ITEM.Material, etc. A friend’s server I went on had this function which I haven’t been able to recreate yet. An example of a pointshop item using the code is:

ITEM.Name = 'Bill Nye'
ITEM.Price = 500
ITEM.Model = 'models/weapons/w_c4.mdl'
ITEM.SingleUse = false;
ITEM.ReplaceWeaponTo = { "weapon_ttt_jihad", "weapon_ttt_jihad6" }; -- First argument is the weapon class to replace, the second argument is what to replace it with

function ITEM:OnBuy(ply)

function ITEM:OnSell(ply)


function ITEM:OnEquip(ply)
	ply:PS_SetActiveReplacementWeapon( self.ReplaceWeaponTo[1], self.ReplaceWeaponTo[2] );

function ITEM:OnHolster(ply)

	if ply:PS_HasReplacementWeapon( self.ReplaceWeaponTo[1] ) then

		ply:PS_SetActiveReplacementWeapon( self.ReplaceWeaponTo[1], nil );

What the code does is that when equipped, it will wait until the entity specified in the first argument of ITEM.ReplaceWeaponTo and change it into the second argument. In this example, in the gamemode TTT it will replace the Jihad Bomb whenever it’s equipped with another Jihad Bomb that emits a different sound.

This code doesn’t work in the vanilla Pointshop and it breaks the pointshop if used. So, if anyone could tell me where this kind of function is written in the configs, please do!

Here are the default pointshop hooks: http://pointshop.burt0n.net/items

That wasn’t what I was looking for, I’m looking for the actual file where the functions are kept.


So I just scanned through all the files and tried to see if there were any discrepancies between them… there weren’t D: There isn’t anything pointing to this property at all.

It’s either from an addon or it’s just custom.