Hoopty's Misc Releases

This is where I’ll dump all the stuff I port that doesn’t warrant a thread.

Starting with : a skydome model that has 28 different textures, from BF1(22), Dishonored 2(5), and FH2(1).




[sp] To avoid any confusion for SFM users : the model is called “dishonored_skydome.mdl” [/sp]

Very Cool

God fuckign bless you

This is a pretty neat idea.

v e r y n i c e

Me, personally, I find this VERY COOL.

These beauts will be very useful, thank you!

Oh fuck yes, these are lovely.

I’ve got more BF1 textures coming in the next hours, including a sky texture that is 8192x2048 in resolution.

Finally, MORE sky textures! Good work man!

Not sure why, but it doesn’t seem to load in HLMV or SFM at all for me? HLMV crashes and in SFM it’s invisible.


From what I remember, 4096 is the highest source can render though.

8192 is the limit actually, I tested the texture and it works fine.

I like it, will be very useful.

Is that so? Well this is very good news indeed.


12 textures added from BF1, from the following maps :

-Nivelle Nights
-Prise de Tahure
-Rupture (the 8192x2048 texture)
-Fort de Vaux
-Lupkow Pass
-Monte Grappa
-Giant’s Shadow
-Verdun Heights



Hold on a minute, I forgot to fix some .vmt’s


It’s fixed.

I think the skydome’s broke in SFM, the model isn’t loading and the console says that the .vvd of the skydome failed to load.

Unfortunately I don’t know what’s the cause of the problem. Everything works fine in gmod, and it was actually compiled with the SFM compiler so I can’t really help you, maybe some more experienced porter can tell me what’s the source of the problem.

I have shamelessly decompiled the model and recompiled it to work on SFM, now it works fine.
I didnt include the textures cause I don’t have the time now to upload them, nor I think they are necessary. So yeah you need op’s download anyway.