"Hop hop, Mr. B. No time to waste"

Partly inspired by Hunterdnrc’s recent pic, decided I’d try recreate a scene from the Forest’s of Arcadia. However, it has a far darker, murky feel to it (not that Arcadia wasn’t nasty already).
Once again, TheManest fancied another editing job, so I let him do his thing. Credit to him!


Credit also to plasmid for the couple of models I used in this pic.

look, cofee.

Looks pretty good.

mmmm coffe :3

Oh yeah… Nice picture you got there.

The editing is amazing sir.
Have an artistic.

Lighting is incredibly fitting of the game. Well done.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than any of my attempts to a shitty bioshock recreation, altough i think she shouldn’t wave at the protector but run, instead. That’s how they act in game.

Really nice lighting… I want a tutorial D:

Actually, she’s beckoning him to follow her, but it’s all good! Thanks to all for the kind comments!

Whoah, real nice. I like the grit of it all.

I mean, not to beckon him or anything, just run forward yelling “come on Mr. B!”

Ah I see. Thought you ment run away from him. Interesting idea, but I can’t remember seeing Little Sisters run a lot, just creep around searching for corpses.

this looks great, may i ask what’s the map?

The Map is called dm_weaver. Found it on FPSBanana (well, Manest found it but, meh :smiley: ). It’s pretty much a sewer map, so it’s got Bioshock witten all over it.

Very nice, beats the shit out of mine

Hey, your’s was what gave me inspiration to make this pic!

Maybe one of my best scenery edit I’ve ever done.


I made it look better in editing tho, It’s just default HL2DM lighting.



very nice work on this, looks amazing

This got bumped to the first page again? Alrite, saves me doing it! :smiley:
Thanks for your kind comment!