Hope Developers sees this thread... (Some Ideas)

No Zombies? OK I can live with that but the game now is boring.

I play at friendly server but as I am advanced in everything the only threat that remains are player. Wolves? C’mon single shot with shotgun or two arrows… I could deal with twenty of them. Bears? Yeah, there are sometimes when I take one hit from them but they aren’t hostile to anyone that has at least a firearm. And the dumbest thing is that a backpack drops when you kill a bear.

I loved zombies only because they were human based. Like if you walk with a party you can’t tell if it is a zombie or a party member walking walking behind you until it moans.

What now?

I love the idea of hostile NPC’s and night creatures.

So Here Comes The IDEA

Even if hostile NPC’s are cavemen you can make them unpredictable. Like if they hide in bushes or small huts (the same looking huts where players live) (in daytime) and only attack if you walk close-by.
But When the night comes they come out and searches for any players to kill and maybe even loot. (Logically if they loot they can drop bags like zombies did) They could be like thieves in real life as they appear only in night.
They could hide anywhere for example in small huts, bushes, mountains, cities and even in loot boxes. Just make them a bit different. For example Hairy guys or completely grey guys IDK.

This is only an example but surely there are nothing hostile remaining in this game except PvP.

Btw Traps which could be dug in with shovel would be a great defense addition :wink:

If anybody likes what he just read please let me know. :slight_smile:
If you dislike. Ok. This was for nothing.

Wrong Section, put the suggestions in the Rust Suggestions Sub Forum.

Thank you.

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