I really created this picture to go with the musical piece out of honesty, its one of my favorite pieces. It plays dread but yet… Hope, hope for someone or something, though Beethoven did write this piece when the French were invading to maybe hope that he would survive.

Why not hope for the rebels of City 17, fanatically fighting on with the combine whom seemed to be having the upper hand, a spark of hope arises as the icon of their rule is destroyed.



Theyre all gonna die

Poses look stiff, hug looks unnatural, tower looks wierd,

What the fuck are you talking about?
The posing is almost perfect! Why is it stiff?


Doesn’t it look like the guy on the left just got rammed.

Rebel models are very hard to pose with, honestly.

You can barely move their legs and arms around for one, unless I did some mass prop wielding to their limbs which would take hours, and be at the risk of the ragdoll spamming - I’d rather not.

Lighting is quite nice but the posing is wonky in places. Picture feels a little empty too. Not bad though.


Thunder is kinda right about the posing. The guy walking up the stairs has his bum sticking out and his torso is twisted weirdly. All of the other standing characters have their knees bent too much.