There are tons of threads regarding suggestions to the game, and that’s absolutely fantastic! Unfortunately, we’re a little disorganized and we’re just shooting our suggestions from the hip “Add this, Don’t add that” etc, etc, etc.
But we should really get one of these pinned to the top to prevent over cluttering the forums (more than we already have! HaHa!) and providing a place for moderators to merge wild threads into.

This is a thread for players and server owners alike to voice their wants and pitch ideas to the amazing Facepunch staff, while also discussing the positives and negatives of each suggestions.

To make this as constructive as possible, I ask that all my fellow players refrain from any overly hostile remarks, and to avoid denigrating one another’s posts unfairly. Give everyone an equal chance to chime in their two cents and let’s chew the fat on making some of the ideas viable. When making a suggestion, please try to be as clear as possible and explain why you would like it implemented, and what it would mean for the game.

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I’ll kick this thing off first:

1.) I absolutely love that the gun sway has been added! That said, since you can’t utilize sprint and iron sights simultaneously, I would like to see shift become a “Hold Breath” mechanic similar to most modern shooters. I think doing this allow player groups to bound from cover to cover a little easier in firefights and make things a little more fluid.

2.) As a server owner, I’d absolutely LOOOOVE to see modding options. Facepunch is currently making an absolutely amazing game, but I think allowing players to experiment and test there own ideas out would be pretty beneficial. In this way, the dev staff could continue to make their game, but if something takes off like wild fire amongst the community servers, something that makes the game unbelievably fun for all involved, you could easily cherry pick the idea and implement it into RUST proper. I don’t see there being literally any downside to this other than having to wade through servers to find something you like.

3.) Another suggestion (this one crowed plenty in the Rust Servers sub forum) is allowing server administrators to have more control over resource and monster respawn rates. Currently on lowpop servers the resources are so abundant that your game will consist of 10-15 players all running around kitted, and even when they are raided, there is really no set back. It’s not devastating. When you 100+ players, resources become so scarce that everyone starts flooding rad town and you simply have constant firefights in the area (not really a bad thing, but…). This gives anyone new to a server who wants to start their own group or play solo an incredibly difficult curve to surmount. I know, I know…“be better”, “welcome to rust”, and that’s fine. Play on those kind of servers. It’ll be up to server owners to decide how they want their server to play.

4.) More uses for stone! You currently only need it for so little that once you get to a point that churning out 9mm and 556 ammo it just becomes something you drop on the ground to depop. Stone buildings, maybe stone barriers, I don’t know. I’d like some more ideas on this one.

5.) Finally, the only thing I can think of is maybe binoculars for scouting purposes.

Anyone else have anything to add? Critiques?

I’ve been working on something myself, just a little teaser in response to (2) - let’s just say that Lua is involved.


2 posts and tries to make an official thread. :suicide:

Anyways, That would be cool to have binoculars, maybe they can get damaged like in DayZ SA and glass is cracked :words:

Maybe the large area to the east can be setup as a noob area.
Only noobs can collect resources in this area till some set amount of time passes then after that time they can’t collect anymore.
If a noob collects anything from the non noob area they give up noob status and then are able to be killed.

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I would like to see player placed signs.

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I would like to see traps. It would be nice to have someone trying to put c4 on your door blow up himself.

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I would like to see traps. It would be nice to have someone trying to put c4 on your door blow up himself.