Hoping this doesn't open Pandora's Box.

Ok first off let me get this out of the way, for the past week i’ve been googling, youtubing,etc on how to, step by step take a simple 3D model in 3DS, rig it and put it into gmod.
So far i’ve found zitch, plenty of copy and pating tutorials, plently of rigging tutorials, but nothing on what i need to do to take a 3D figure and have them walking around in gmod.

Can anyone help? And please…please please! Spare me all the insults, noobs bullshit and stuff.
I know that if I keep searching i’ll find something, but it would save me so much time if one of you decent guys could just point me in the right direction.

The moment you actually build your model in 3ds (there’s plenty of tutorials like you said) The process of getting the custom built completely unique model in Gmod is exactly the same as getting a non-custom built model in gmod.

So all those tutorials you found are actually applicable. Since you need to rig it, compile, transfer materials etc etc.

thats just it. lets say once i learn how to rig in 3ds, which i have, how do i put them into gmod?
and by rigging i just mean applying 3ds’s skeleton to a model. how do i make it work in gmod, how to i put it into gmod, and make it follow the sames rules as other npcs?

Rigging: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=542906
Compiling: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Compiling_a_model

Wow! Thank you, this is exactly what I needed !
Wow I wasn’t expecting such polite answers, especially on an internet forum. Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

Hold off on that, i need to do more reading. heh sorry. i’m still so damn new to this.

GUIStudioMDL, Studiocompiler and a .qc

There are plenty of tutorials for .qc’s

does anyone have the updated version of the decompiler? i followed the tutorials but a lot of links are missing.


geezus…i cant beleive how hard this is. so many different programs, alright
this seems to be a great tutorial but a lot of it is outdated and i just cant get cannon fodders decompiler to work even after googling all the .dll files i need.
can any one help?

Is the Decompiler in the sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin folder?

no ,according to the tutorial, it was fine in the ragdoll folder, i made. i need these .dll files but the ones i found online don’t work and the decompiler won’t open.

I was in the exact same position your in right now, If you’ve learned how to rig AND envelope the mesh…

Then you’ve gotten to the Edge of the first half.

I’m asuming you’ve made your SMD’s as well the Textures. Your next step is the most difficult (And the part which made me quit), The .QC file.

It may be just a text file, But the Coding and layout of it all to make the physics is enough to give most people on this site one HELL of a Headache. >_<’
I’m doubtful, But Kid If you get that done You’ve already made it past the half-way point of completion.

I’d give you more info o the stuff afterword But Like I said I’ve never gotten past the weight mapping and physics…

Good luck, Your seriously going to need it… -__-’


I understood…like…none of what you just wrote.
I’m so f’ing screwed.

sigh ok… Let me start over. What Exactly are you trying to make? Is it a player model/Ragdoll or a prop?

basically i have models ripped from another video game, that i want to put into Gmod. similar to that model of Samus going around.

If this helps any find examples of the files from other people’s finished models and try to reverse engineer them to work for your needs.

Going to be used like a hl2 death match player model, or just a ragdoll with no animations?

ill get back to you on that, i found someone who can help me. thank you.