Horde Script

is there any one who could make a “horde script” so that you can spawnsome zombies and if you just shoot in the water, they start running after you?

So you want a script that makes zombies attack you when you shoot the water? I don’t get it.

it was an example.
I want zombies to attack when i make some noise like shooting in the water or even shooting at all.

L4D zombies ? Confusing example…

yes just like Left 4 Dead

I’d imagine that headcrab zombies are not good at all for hordes.

no i know but… i know there is some infected models for gmod from l4d why cant you just use them and add some models

They have different animations, different speeds, and different AI, and it all runs on a different engine. It’s possible (It’s been done with playermodels), but very hard and time consuming.

Because we can’t import the L4D AI.

And building one would be time consuming.

Also, same engine, different version.

crap…but do they need ai? or could you just use the ai from fast headcrab?

Some people are too lazy to even TRY making SNpc’s, but yes its a lot difficult with existing zombies

Waht i can say is Older OB Engine versions + Gmod + Hordes of npcs are laggy, sicne the Increased shadows and ai usage totally knack your memory. I think left 4 deads zombie ai is VERY simple just find walls and survivors and chase after them if they where noticed.