Hordes of error messages attacking me

“Timer Error: autorun/client/cl_hmod_check.lua:40: attempt to perform arithmetic on global ‘secs’ (a nil value)”

It just keeps on popping up constantly everytime I play the game, from the moment I go into a map to when I exit, it keeps flooding the right side of the screen and the console in yellow text.

Would anyone happen to know what this is, or has anyone else had this similar problem? It’s more of an issue of annoyance than anything else. I assume it has something to do with a lua file?


No but seriously, whatever “hmod” is, you should track it down inside your GMod folder and delete it. I assume it’s something called “hmod” because it says “hmod” in the error text.

Lol. I got that achievement pretty quickly.

You know, now that you single it out, “hmod” sounded familiar. I think it was something I only half-installed months ago. I removed it and now the errors are gone!

Thanks for providing me with a level of obviousness that I couldn’t grasp in the past few months =[

i got that to i also get a wight flicker in the mulipalyer rooms