Horizon Gamemode Development

Okay So heres my second post today and third post ever, not sure if this is even allowed, if it is not please trash this thread

Horizon Gamemode

** Server IP **
Elimination -

To Do

  • Change SQL Database
  • Christmas?
  • Event Packages
  • Code Redemption
  • More… ig

What Is It?
Horizon is a new type of PvP, its will include between 10-25 different servers, 24 of which been arenas and 1 been a social space.
Horizon is not like any TDMs or FFAs before in Garrys Mod, Leveling is different, Guns are different, most features are completely different
Visit Our Trello Here


  • Unique Leveling System (Similar to Destiny (Light) the users level will be set by the average of his/her weapons level which is upgraded by successfully using it and racking up kills with said weapon or kills while certain gear is equipped)
  • Events (Tournaments with exclusive gear, Double XP, etc)
  • Custom weapon/gear system
  • Sub-Gamemodes (CTF, TDM, FFA, Competitive)
  • Social space (hang with friends/purchase guns/etc)
  • In-game currency system
  • VIP currency system (Yes premium currency purchased through websites ALL VIP PURCHASES ARE COSMETIC)
  • Clothes System (Integrated with PAC3(All credits will be given))
  • SQL saving for multi server data storing

When Will This Gamemode Be Public?
We are hoping to have a working tournament system and TDM system by January 1st celebrating 2017

BETA Access
Beta access will be given out for a limited time if you contact me on my steam account

Want To Help?
Contact me via steam if you have any previous experience with lua and would like to help out, any help will be greatly appreciated and your credits will be given in the game mode

Currently we are in the process of partnering with NitrousNetworks for our game mode but anyone else looking for an opportunity to take part in this is welcome

Please remember this is a WIP, Most of this stuff is not final

Stat Tracking Website

Any questions? message me on steam
sorry if this post is trash its my first proper post on face punch


Sounds cool, glad to hear someone with a gamemode.
But seriously, if its not DarkRP related or Murder/PropHunt. Then seriously man, this gamemode will take almost forever to reach the top of the Server List.

And, if this is for the contest please don’t get people to host it…

this is not for a contest in anyway, I’m not too bothered about the server list anyway, i have a few sponsorships with hosting companies for advertisements

I’m clueless. Have you started coding this gamemode yet? If not, how are you even offering BETA access when you have 0% progress.

I’m assuming you aren’t contributing yourself and are awaiting people to roll up and do it for you. I think you should check out scriptfodder.com if you want something like this done.

If all else fails, minecraft.net

P.S. I don’t think you will be getting partnered with Nitrous any time soon. Your server brings them nothing. If you are willing to do this, at least pay for the servers.

Is this another one of them “hey I have cool gamemode idea! I’ll make a thread and then post no content because I have done no work at all” threads?

I am contributing myself and i already have said partnership

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Progress has been made I’m just not sharing screenshots at this time

pics or it didn’t happen

Okay, I’m going to try and get some screenshots up by the end of the week (Sunday) because currently I’m at school without Garry’s Mod

I don’t understand why you have made a thread about a gamemode that doesn’t even exist yet in the development thread.
Do you know how many people keep making silly threads like this here with all theses “ideas” but then expect everyone else to do all the work for them.

Edit: Yeah I wouldn’t trust this guy at all, leaks peoples scripts. https://scriptfodder.com/users/view/76561198079348078/

So you’re wanting a developer to write all of this stuff, for their credits to be in the gamemode? Any respectable developer here who has the experience to handle this without ripping you off is probably going to want a little more than size 10 font scrolling down the screen for 7 seconds.

And as pointed out by Commander, anyone in this business who has been banned for leaking scripts in the past – nope. Trust at zero.

i don’t want anyone to develop anything for me, I’m doing this all myself, and yes i did previously leak scripts before but i haven’t even gone near leak forums in a long time

If you can make the gamemode, that’s awesome and you should do it. But a lot of people in this particular forum as sceptical at best over these ‘I’m making a gamemode’ threads. We’ve seen it plenty of times before and none of them have ever delivered what they were saying they would.

If you have screenshots/media of your project, you should always post that (unless its secret, in which case just don’t post at all) otherwise most people will just assume you haven’t actually got anything to show.

i just arrived home now from my trip so after school i will get some media up

The guy who made this thread is saying he is helping. Yea right. Lol

There are enough script kiddies on SF, DarkRP Forums, etc etc. We don’t need anymore here.

Also, wrong section. Another reason why I doubt you will ever make this happen.

that was one problem i had, the only problem I’ve asked for help with when I’ve already had countless problems that i fixed without assistance or being judged

OP delivery due date: never

just be patient :what:


I like how this guy has posted heaps of screenshots of his gamemode and not just words.

Oh wait…