Horizon: New Worlds to Explore...

While similar to Spacebuild 2 in style, Horizon is a whole different animal. Built from the ground up, Horizon uses its own resource networking & environment
system, which is both lightweight and easy to use for those who have played similar gamemodes.


Life Support

Horizon features a tiered life support system. The basic devices available at the start will get you started, but you will have to explore new worlds to harvest
the minerals and resources you’ll need to truly thrive!

Fully Featured Mining System

Mining is a core aspect of Horizon, and is critical to your offworld survival. Basic life support devices are freely available but are limited- you will have to
return to your homeworld to resupply. Advanced devices will allow you to build sustainable habitats on alien worlds (and even the depths of space), but they
require special resources & minerals in order to be constructed. You must explore to locate these valuable resources, harvesting from harsh planets and locating
rare asteroids- and defend from players who would steal your ore!

Crafting & Upgrades

What good is ore if you can’t build stuff from it? Horizon’s crafting system allows you to build more advanced equipment from the ore that you harvest. By
locating rare artifacts and special ore you will also be able to construct upgrade modules, which will allow you to modify existing devices to increase storage,
speed up generators, and more!

Mapper Friendly!

Horizon uses a custom .fgd for mapping, so adding environments is a breeze! Just map your planet, place the hzn_environment entity down and customize the
planet using simple drop-down boxes! it couldn’t be simpler! Brush-Based environments are available as well, making it easy to customize the environment of
your structures

As Horizon uses its own resource network & environment systems, existing maps & entities that function under Spacebuild & Resource Distribution will
NOT function. Not to worry! I’ve made it so adding Horizon compatibility to an entity is quick and easy, and I will be porting over several of the old SB2&3
maps, as well as creating new ones! I will make public at release all instructions required make an entity compatible with Horizon.

Screenshots & Videos

Mining System:




More information and screenshots/video to come. Visit the project’s Steam Group :

Development Snapshots

I have begun releasing preview snapshots of Horizon. You can download the latest snapshot here:

Current version is 0.6.1

SVN: https://github.com/zoomsquirrels/Horizon/trunk

Remember to delete your Horizon folder BEFORE updating!

Please keep in mind that the gamemode is still incomplete, and I will be updating these snapshots as development progresses. Comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome!

Mapping Kit

Build your own Horizon maps! Includes the .fgd required to place environments (hzn_environment) and several planet templates.

** Link to the mapping kit is down, will reupload **

Whoa that looks awesome, this is what I’ve always wanted in a spacebuild type gamemode!

Wow, this looks amazing, I can’t wait to see more of this.

looks damn need, good work!

So it is basically spacebuild with other models? How will it play differently?

Looking good though.

Hmm, I see that you have the energy and probably other resources update their values quite quickly

Uhm, I think a Steam group would be more suitable rather than a Facebook page.

Most people are kids that don’t want to reveal their age so they won’t join a facebook group. Or they just want privacy and don’t want to release their real identity. I’d make a steam group if I were you.

Is there a planned release for this? Or a WIP release? I’d like to play this it looks good.


So lifesupport is tied directly into the gamemode rather than an addon? Seems better than current Spacebuild that requires the addon as well.

This looks absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to play this.

Yep. I didn’t see the point in keeping them separate. It also has the added benefit of not loading any of my scripts when the gamemode isn’t active- that way it doesn’t interfere with your game when you’re not playing Horizon.

I’ve updated the OP with the steam group link: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/horizongamemode

Random asteroid spawn test… I think I oughta crank it down a bit :confused:


Goodo :smiley: If you need help with coding, feel free to contact me.



Asteroids present a fun new gameplay mechanic to Horizon. Spawning in random locations, they will drift around the map until they are mined for their ore, or collide with a planet. The smallest asteroids are the ore chunks that you will be harvesting, and can be stored in a mineral crate the same way as planetary minerals. If an ore chunk drifts into a planet’s environment, it will burn up in the atmosphere. Medium sized asteroids are the most common, and can be broken into ore chunks with a mining laser. If these collide with a planet, they will explode- killing nearby players and destroying nearby props. On collision there will be a random chance to find one or two ore chunks. Large asteroids are the rarest- and also the most dangerous. Large asteroids drift slowly across the map. They can be split into medium asteroids with mining lasers, however it will take significantly more time and energy to break them. If a large asteroid collides with a planet, watch out! All players and props on the planet will be destroyed, and if the planet is habitable there will be a small chance that the atmosphere will be disabled for a short time. Not to worry though- the chances of armageddon are slim, and planetary shields can be built… for a price.

Some will like this feature, some will not. I will include a convar that will allow you to disable planet killers for those that choose to.

I’d be careful with the colliding thing if I were you, at least to begin with.

One thing to keep in mind is that in an established system, everything that can collide has already collided. Millions of years ago.
However, this doesn’t mean that a player couldn’t make an asteroid crash into a planet. Everything is possible with enough thrusters.

If they’re not very big they should burn up into smaller parts when entering the atmosphere.

Yeah, I definitely see the potential for abuse there. I was thinking of making it so they can’t be physgunned or toolgunned, preventing players from directly crashing them into stuff

This looks incredible! is there any chance of Linux support? I have a linux server i’d love to run spacebuild on but can’t - if this is compatible with linux, i’d be thrilled!

Plus it’d become more popular because I believe a lot of servers are linux hosted

It’s epic. I love spacebuild and this is my dream gamemode. Asteroids… Just awesome. To prevent abuse, use the physgun hooks or maybe the entities’ endtouch hook to remove any props held with the physgun when out of the atmosphere. Also another suggestion, dissallow physugn in space. Generally make it hard to survive. I mean in the current space build I accelerate using noclip and pass from planet to planet without refilling my oxygen.

Anyone good with effects? I could use a good explosion effect for asteroid collisions.