HorizonHUD for DarkRP

Hey all,

I have designed this DarkRP HUD, it is a simple design with a white base and the usual things that are on a DarkRP HUD.


DarkRP Cash/Salary
DarkRP Job
DarkRP Wanted/Gun Licence Notification
Playermodel or Steam Avatar

The design for the agenda and other modules will be designed soon.

Here is a live preview of the current stage of the HUD

Preview Here

Kind Regards

  • xxrileyyzz

Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any actual released code or is it just an animated design?

Its in progress, thats a design, the released code may go on scriptfodder, if not then it shall go here. It should be done within the week, due to lack of time it may be slow but it should be released within the week

animated design, its just a idea on how it will look when the Lua code is released.

wow so important, can’t wait to get my hands on this HUD! /s

Hopefully gonna try get it done on friday
Done parts of it but not all of it :stuck_out_tongue:

So xxrileyyzz created this thread and you have also made comments about working on it. Is it seriously taking two people to work on this HUD?

He designs them I work on them as I have more free time than him

Its good to see your are exited Mikey. (sarcasm)

The next CustomHQ.

I didn’t realize people had such an attitude when it came to over-eager developers

I know…

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I don’t really know why people have to be so mean about it. It is going to probably be my first ever proper code. And everyone is going on about it. What is their problem?!

It looks good. but basic try to add something to it ( my opinion )

That’s the main problem with this OP and other beginner coders. Scriptfodder is already full of crappy, totally original, darkRP HUDs and really doesn’t need anymore. In addition this is your first released script and scriptfodder is not a place for people who are learning how to code, it’s been stated numerous times by the moderators. Yet people still think anytime they come up with a basic script/HUD they should release it on scriptfodder because it is totally worth money.

The other reason you are getting so much shit is because the design is god awful. It’s completely bland nothing that pops out and catches your eye. You used a white background which will look terrible on anyone’s screen. You also used standard health and armor bars with animated lines that has been done on every HUD ever. There is just nothing special about this HUD that would make me or anyone else want to use it. In addition you probably would have received less shit if you hadn’t made this a WIP thread. This is a realease section no one wants to see your progress on a basic HUD. It makes you look arrogant and that’s a sure way to receive shit on here.

While I won’t bother arguing over the subjective opinion that a design is god awful, giving people “so much shit” is not the way to encourage and welcome newcoming developers into the world and community of addon creation, especially if you want them to create innovative and non-generic ones. Regarding the scriptfodder point, who *cares. *Let them deal with Scriptfodder mods on their own and they’ll learn. (And anyway, he said may​)

The guy is clearly a newcomer who isn’t familiar with the forums, do you really think he’s trying to be an arrogant person who thinks his HUD is so important to everyone? He’s trying to start off his addon-creation efforts by means of a popular product (DarkRP HUD) and although I do agree that he shouldn’t post a WIP thread in the Release section (moreso for his first addon(s)), being rude about it isn’t the way to go and just serves to deter newcomers from this section and this community. There *is *a way inform people of their mistakes without being rude.

With that being said… I realize people in the thread aren’t even being that rude, it’s like one sarcastic comment overall, but I thought I’d put my opinion out there anyway when it comes to approaching newcoming developers who want to participate in the community.

Yea, will do.

Is it just me or is the link broken?

Oh wow, glad to see your excited :slight_smile:

Image not found…reupload?