Hornet (Valhalla Knights Wii)

It’s that cute lovable insect we all know and love!




  • Fully ragdolled (wings, legs, head, etc. of course) (except the smallest size, will explain later)
  • 5 sizes (1x regular, 1.3x big, 1.7x bigger, **3x **huge, 6x giant)

Random pictures:



Quick Potatochop edit:


Things to note:

  • Ragdoll sometimes spazzes for a second (I really need to look into this issue one day)
  • Smallest size is a bit bigger than your average hornet because any smaller would prevent the model from compiling (the smaller the model, the less bones it’ll have. e.g. the smallest one has a quarter of the bones than the actual model.)

Credits to Dragoshi1 for providing the model to me.

Here you go.


I love your models, they are always some kind of big ass monsters.

My worst fear realized in GMOD. And whatever game this came from.

This wasp could be used if someone were to make a Dead Rising comic. Since we got the characters, props, and the ragdolls. Now we could have the wasp carriers shown.


I try. :smile: I’m looking at another wyvern right now. :v:

Very cool!


The regulars sized insect one could be very useful for screenshots and comics.