Hornets chasing an unidentified jet in the middle of a huge city

Made in the dark construct room. I would’ve done it bigger scale if the buildings were bigger. Looks a bit low-res due to all of the props being small skybox props.

Effects were made ingame.

-broken image-


Did you made that map yourself?

thanks. it’s not a map, it’s a scenebuild :v:

I like playing with skybox sized stuff.

How did you make those tracers?

it’s proably attached trails/ropes on a 0 colored (invisible) ladder from PHX.
That’s how I would have done it

its a top secret method that requires advanced gmod skills

jk its particle maker

sexy albeit unrealistic, jets would never use cannons in a friendly (or even hostile) urban area :3

still, it’s really nice for what it is.

thanks, not meant to be realistic though

i got the idea from flying in new york with a F-18 in flight simulator x