Horrible community

Bought the game 2 hours ago and everytime I was able to get my hands on some raw materials, there was always some douchebags ganking me with their guns. This is pathetic! I died over 10 times from morons. At first I thought this game might be fun, but seeing how everyone in-game are attacking everyone on sight is simply killing the mood. Never playing again and you can be sure I wont recommend the game to anyone.

This game is not for pansies. Perhaps hello kitty online would suit you better.

Having been in the same situation myself Crazysam.
I would say give the game a chance it is still in alpha.
Plus not all players KOS as I found out today. :smile:

That’s one ganker right here. Whats fun about starting a game you never played and when you start getting used to it everyone ganks you around? It sure seems like you never had this issue or you are the one ganking all around to get free mats!

Sam, you gotta just keep at it, the game is more geared towards hardcore players.

I would recommend that new players start on a server with a low population, when your on a server with only 20 people online, sightings of other people are pretty rare. This will give you some time to learn how the game plays, get comfortable with setting up and the basics of survival. Then once you have done that go back and play on a crowded server, because playing on an empty one isn’t much fun.

I disagree with Sam, any game community will have it’s assholes, but at it’s current state, the game is UNPLAYABLE for players who only invest 2 hours or less into the game at a time. If you don’t reach end game items by the time you log off you will be raided and your stuff taken. What makes that situation worse is the fact that there is no chance of survival when you are up against players with kevlar and guns. The guns NEED to be removed and replaced with more balanced weaponry, or removed entirely for the duration of the development of the more balanced weapons. I don’t think anybody will be raging when they get killed from a skilled shot with a bow and arrow, but being sprayed down by some jerk in kevlar with an m4 while you are still just dragging a rock around is absolutely frustrating and game killing, not to mention if you log off with mid-game items and get raided next time you come on. The end game weaponry is reserved for players which play for copious amounts of time, and the more common casual player can’t succeed in such an environment. I agree with sleeper servers, but I completely hate the easiness with which people can kill/raid/offline raid you in the game. It is for these reasons that I won’t be playing until a solution is presented.

man speaks the truth

I have been on a server for 2 months. Been raided once. Many attemped raids, replaced many doors, but only ever been wiped out once. You wont learn how to achieve this unless you play more, see what other people do, learn how to gain advantages and discourage raiders. The devs dont need to fix this problem, you need to fix it for yourself!

I rarely play more than three or so hours at a time, and I still die all the time, and I have been playing since the game was in webplayer, you need to keep playing, develop a strategy, then get out there and survive. That is all that you can do.

Right, but why would I play a game that I don’t enjoy playing? People like progression, expecting them to continue working hard at something that provides no reward and continually frustrates them is asinine. It seems like you would rather excuse the brokenness of the game currently rather than think of ways to improve it/fix it.

They do stress that this is a Alpha release of the game,
Many things will change before it is released fully.
You just have to bare with it and help with bugs reporting and so on
or move on to another game and come back later when its fully released,

Well, let’s hear it, what do you propose should be done?

It isn’t the game’s fault it is because you suck and why did you invest twenty dollars into an Alpha survival game that clearly states you will have to survive from other players on the store page if you don’t want to… you know…

survive against other players

Reread my earlier post.

I know where you’re coming from, and believe me, it’s fucking frustrating.

There’s more to it (though it is a reason) then “I’m doing it because I have the gun and you don’t”

When I had menial supplies (cloth, bow+arrows, hatchet) I was pretty frustrated that I was constantly killed, so I just made what I needed, grabbed stuff only when I needed it, and learned to minimize time waste by doing that constantly.
Then I got my hands on a leather guy who had an M4:

a companion who I teamed with and I were frolicking through a green, but at the same time crimson red field when we heard multiple M4 shots go off, shaking our bones as each bullet cracked off in the distance. Like a dog to a whistle, we ran to the location of the shooting. We peered over a rock and witnessed a leather guy standing over a naked guy, who was dead by the time we got there. The leather man was occupied for only a few short moments, because the man who he had killed was just a bambi; the poor fellow. We followed the man in leather for what seemed like forever, which was only about 2 minutes before he saw us and started taking pot shots as he dodged arrows, trying to get to safety; attempting to flee our persistent hold on his neck of safety. He unloaded about 21 bullets on us, trying to protect his great find, but my companion’s feeble sacrifice and my aim with a bow, as well as our coordination far outnumbered his ability to handle the rifle.

We cornered him against a rock, and he knew he had no other choice. He turned around, and started firing like there was no tomorrow. My comrade had barely released his finger from his arrow before he was bombarded by dozens of shiny brass birds of death. He fell to the ground like a great lumber, and breathed his last breath, blood trickling from his mouth, his eyes glaring deep into mine. The arrow made contact to the man’s stomach as my companion fell silent.

In a surge of rage on my fallen comrade, I pulled the arrow as far back as I could, and let it go. The arrow flew through the air like a majestic hawk and made a satisfying shunk as it impaled into the man’s head. He cocked back, and collapsed to the floor, the M4 falling to his side.

My comrade returned from his temporary slumber and returned to my location, moments after I seized the equipment; The leather man wasn’t going to need it anymore. I had saved my comrade’s equipment and waited for his return, now boasting the leather and assault rifle which I had just earned.

It was not long before bambi’s started to swarm the area, hoping for some blood. We spent no hesitation bludgeoning them to death with pickaxes. Once nothing else was left alive, we ran from the area, happy to have come across the M4.

From that point forward, we had to kill everyone who came across us. Not because it gave us a thrill; but because they would attack my companion and me, hoping to get as lucky as us. I can still remember an unlucky young child, who was caught in the middle of a man’s assault on us; the poor boy’s face as he died, coughing up blood. Desperately trying to stop his caregiver’s attempt to get the means of more protection. It was them or us. I still see the father when I close my eyes, looking to his son as he fell over, reaching for the boy’s matted hair, before his arm giving out and relaxing. The boy’s blank face still haunts me in my dreams.

The horror was over when a group of people who had tried and do what the father I mentioned earlier did, only succeeded. There was 3 of them, they had MP5’s and my companion- No… my friend, had died moments earlier from a series of unfortunate events. They thankfully made my death swift, with a bullet to the head. I had finally paid the price tag the killing of thos protective families had charged on my bank account of life.

Sorry for the long post, but I felt the need to make it extremely dramatic, to make my slaughter of bambis to protect my equipment seem less bad. This was a true story, btw. A story of rust.

TL;DR: Rule of thumb in rust: If you have something useful, you will be killed for it. If someone has something useful, they will kill you to keep it, regardless of the threat level you pose.

A man who had far superior equipment died from two half naked kids with bows. Not many people would want that, so that’s one of the many stories to why people KOS. At first, I didn’t KOS when I got the M4, but after the encounter with “the boy and his father” (who were in actuality just two friends shouting at each other over VOIP trying to coordinate an attack on us) I realized I had to.

Good luck on getting your hands on some good equipment, and best wishes to you on finding a way to keep yourself safe and on task without killing everyone who attacks you.

Blame reddit. That site is mostly cancer. The first two weeks I played the game was the best. I wasn’t even aware PVP was enable until the good ol’ PDF came around. I’m not even sure if they still exist.

Well Garry didn’t mention that in the trailer

We have all been there, getting killed starting our by a bear, cold, hunger, or other players. Just stick with it, once you get established it makes death slightly more acceptable… but there will always be misery in store, when you get raided etc.
help is at hand, playing on a low pop, PvP, no sleeper or newb-friendly server may be a better option for the OP.