Horrible fps on rust with decent specs

I have an r9 280x, fx 6300 8gb ram so decent specs. I can only get about 15 fps on mid range setting and about 25-30 fps whilst on low. I have noticed that my gfx card underclocks itself drastically from 1100MHz to 300MHz whilst in rust. It doesnt do this in other games. How can i fix?

Can you tell us first what specs you have?

Whoops, didn’t notice you already posted them at the beginning. Sorry bout that. Like Elixwhitetail said, are your drivers up to date?

Corsair 200r
Gigabyte R9 280X Windforce
AMD FX 6300
HyperX Fury 8gb
Ga 970a-ud3p
CX500M psu


Rust isn’t very optimized right now, it has fairly significant performance problems. It’s being worked on on an ongoing basis.

The GPU utilization is a bit odd. What’s your Catalyst driver version?

Wait, do you have a 290x or a 280x?

280x my mistake

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Yes, tried latest and beta drivers, same result

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But i see others with the same gpu and cpu getting 50-60 on max. Could my psu be too little wattage?

This would not surprise me in the least, because:

“System power supply requirement: 600W”

-nevermind, seems like I was off by a mile-

The easiest way to check your CPU load is by opening task manager. One of the tabs should show you the total load.

Just rust. How do i check cpu load?

Does your motherboard have an integrated graphics card as well? If so it could be using that one instead if you didn’t specify to use your dedicated card you bought to run rust.

Its a rare occurrence, but I have had it happen with a couple games before.

Although with an fps that high it is unlikely it is using the integrated card.

I dont think it does. I watch afterburner have 1100mhz in the rust menu and then drop to 300mhz in the game. My temps are good aswell.

If you have the cash and are not afraid of getting your hands dirty for an hour you could go buy a 600w PSU, put it in, check your frames, then return it if there is no significant increases in fps.

Personally I think Elix hit the nail on the head after rereading.

Yes i may do that, cheers. I’ll post here my results!

A friendly advice, you will need an intel on this matter to properly sustain that GPU, or at least a better CPU.

You’re having a bottleneck with the fx-6300 at the moment. Either you aim for a budget wise FX-8320 or a i5-4690.

I had the fx-6300 with a sapphire 280x vaporx 3GB and let’s say that the i5-4690 gave me a huge boost everywhere. Performance wise, Intel will handle different levels of optimization way better than the AMD just because of the higher performance / core. But if you’re considering an all around, budget wise CPU, fx-8320 or fx-8350 should be your way to go, considering you can also overclock those for your need.

Also, the PSU might just keep your pc at the limit. Indeed, you should search for a PSU with at least 600W and a bronze certificate. (80% guaranteed output)

Look how far down the first AMD is on this list. That’s your bottle neck. AMD is garbage.

Unoptimized games need strong individual core strength to get by. Even a DUAL core G3258 at stock would probably run Rust better then any AMD chip out now.

May sound stupid, but turn your chat off in the menu.

From what I’ve read having a lower wattage PSU will not affect fps but could cause random crashes/BSOD etc.
It can be detrimental to your computers health also.

Hey men, my system is quite smililear to yours i have amd fx6300 and a r7 265x with HDMI output and 4gb (both overclocked) for my ram i got 16 gb Kingston ram dunno what ddram atm. But They are good chips. I run my game with a stable 120 fps. There are something you need to tune down set your quality to good render range to 1500 decor to 0 en don’t totaly maxout your vov. Try unparking your cores and set your sound to stereo. Hide the branche en chat ( if not needed ). And put this in your launch options “-high -maxMem= insert ram here -malloc=system -force-feature-level-11-0 -winxp” and run it not on a higher resolution then you need. (Btw i got an 650 watt powersuply

AMD isn’t garbage. It’s consumer oriented. Sure, it performs poorly because it has a lot of cons.
The operating system doesn’t give it enough support as it is. Win 8.1 gave it a boost regarding multi-thread operations.
Applications are hard to optimize for proper multi-thread usage. Mainly they use from 2 to 4 cores and most of the time, even if they do use them, they pretty much exhaust the first core / first 2 cores and they keep a light load on the others.
Another downside is that the cores share resources. That’s something that Intel doesn’t and it’s fine the way it is.
But in terms of performance, AMD can bring you a big overall boost. Also, overclocking the CPU in AMD’s case is something you should actually look into if you really want to fully make use of it.

But again, considering games, considering poorly optimized products, AMD will be at a huge disadvantage comparing to Intel processors.

In his case, the FX-6300 bottlenecks the GPU even with overclock. I had mine around 4.3Ghz, up from 3.5Ghz and It made little difference since the GPU could not be used. It simply wouldn’t get enough data to process in time, therefore it stayed around 30-40% load. (This is a general case, not just Rust related)
Upgrading the CPU from FX-6300 to i5-4690 got me around a 100 fps bonus. Sure, it still performs shity when there are a ton of buildings or furnaces, but it’s in a playable state. (Although I’d like to play it at 60fps constantly and not just when it’s Christmas or Easter). I don’t even want to mention how sorry I am for other people that still try to play at lower specs. It’s just absurd…

Okay let me rephrase this.

AMD is absolute shit for gaming, it’s a great value compared to Intel for video editing, photo editing and pleb games. But if you want a real gaming machine, don’t buy the chip who’s stockholders are valued higher then the consumer when they make hardware decisions. Once again: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html


AMD cpu’s are pretty weak and cheap

the GPU’s are great but the CPU’s just don’t cut it