Horrible FrameRate

I have always had terrible framerate in garrysmod nomatter what settings I use (horrible as in like 6-12 fps). I have tried everything but I cant figure out why my fps is soooo sucky on garrys mod. It is not my computer as I am able to run high quality games like BF4 with multiple monitors at >40 fps. I have 16 GB of DDR3 RAM and an AMD FX 6300 (6) core processor at 3.76GHz overclocked. Is this a common problem? My players get high fps even if they are running it on a computer (worse) than mine. Anyone know of anything I can do to get a higher framerate as decreasing all of the settings to the bare minimum does NOTHING in regards to increasing my framerate?

Hmm. That’s Weird considering I have 4GB of RAM, AMD-A4-3400 2.7GHz(Not Overclocked) And a NVidia GeForce 405 and I can run GMod on maximum settings at >50 FPS

Do you have integrated intel video card or something? Chances are your gmod is running on that.

AMD processors don’t have Intel integrated graphics :v:

OP full specs and your settings.

System Specs
16GB DDR3 RAM (Gaming Enhanced, lol ikr)
GTX 660 Ti (4GB VRAM)
AMD FX 6300 (6) core processor at 3.76GHz overclocked.
Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit)
Monitor at 1920 x 1080 (DVI)

Game Specs

If you have Windows Aero turned on turn it off for a start.
Run the game at full screen.
Make sure you aren’t running any other background applications(chrome and skype are notoriously bad)

Ive done all of that and just tried it again and it doesn’t change anything. Also, I should be able to run chrome and such even with Garrys Mod open with the specs I have at little performance cost.

In truth you should just fine. But there is something that isn’t making the game run right. Closing everything background wise MAY boosts performance.

I’m not saying you can but you gotta make sure it isn’t background programs right?

Have you looked in your catalyst control centre and defaulted everything?

Ive previously tried closing everything that isnt a core windows function (except for steam and garrys mod) and tried it to no success :confused: Ill try setting everything to default now and see if that helps from the control centre.

Try messing around with CCC and try disabling any overcloacking.

I just started the overclocking a couple of days ago to see if it would help any but sadly it did nothing…But the thing that scares me is that my rig should be able to handle GMod EASILY, but I seem to have the worst framerate out of everyone I talk to.

Does this happen in any other Valve/Source Engine game?

No, TF2 and CSS work fine. Its SOLELY gmod for some dumb reason :frowning:

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So my CCC doesnt open and I cant download an updated version of it because it cant detect my system settings so am I screwed?

100% uninstall your current graphics drivers and re-install them

I uninstalled the graphics drivers and everything and I still get 2 fps…wtf. TWO FPS. I hate my life.

set launch options

-dxlevel 85

see if that works