Horrible looking Trees and invisible trees server wide for everyone since update

Since the last update - the server i play on is plagued by invisible trees and players hopping on the spot in random areas

if i stand and dont aim with bow i see few trees


when i aim with bow lots of trees appear


Anyone have this happen? Know how to fix it?



What’s the world size of the map?

If a very large map it can be the reason for the trees, I think it was at 6k+ maps that could have those issues and specially the 8k ones having it really bad.

Unless the size issues have been fixed?

There were real invisible trees some months ago and there still are some on the big maps. But those don’t become visible at all, but you can harvest the wood.

The low textured are probably an attempt to improve performance. The question is, at what distance should the trees be visible? Looking at the image for longer, I realize that there is a bug which lets some of the trees display earlier than others.

yeah its set at 8000 map size… Looks like wipe and smaller map again to fix.

Thanks for the help guys